"Small town about 15 to 20km north of the town Antalya, in southern Anatolia. During the last sixty to seventy years one of the most important Turkish rug weaving centres. " - from Oriental Rugs Volume 4 - Turkish by K.Zipper & C.Fritzsche

4ft. 4in. x 6ft. 5in.
4ft. 0in. x 6ft. 5in.
4ft. 2in. x 6ft. 0in.
4ft. 4in. x 6ft. 4in.
2ft. 9in. x 3ft. 7in.
4ft. 2in. x 6ft. 1in.
4ft. 3in. x 5ft. 8in.
4ft. 1in. x 6ft. 0in.