"Small town on the Gulf of Izmit, about 70 km from Istanbul. Textile manufactory set up in 1843 by Imperial decree of the Sultan Abd-ul-Majid (1839-1861) under the management of the Armenian brothers Ohannes and Boghos Dadyan. Fine silk and other textiles were made but no carpets are known to have been woven before 1891. From the 1920s one of the most famous commercial carpet factories in Turkey, producing rugs in both wool and silk, often embellished with metal thread and heavily influenced by Persian styles. Most examples are Turkish knotted. In recent years, some silk rugs woven with an extraordinarily high knot density, occasionally as many as 67,500 per In technical terms these are the finest rugs ever woven." - from Oriental Rugs Volume 4 - Turkish by K.Zipper & C.Fritzsche

8ft. 2in. x 11ft. 2in.
7ft. 6in. x 10ft. 4in.
6ft. 6in. x 9ft. 6in.
6ft. 6in. x 8ft. 11in.
6ft. 9in. x 9ft. 8in.
6ft. 6in. x 9ft. 5in.
6ft. 7in. x 9ft. 8in.