"The fact that there is more than one place with this name has caused a certain amount of confusion in rug literature. The most famous Ladik is about 50 km northwest of Konya; rugs were made there from at least the seventeenth century, many of which survive today and are greatly admired by collectors. The town is particularly famous for a group of 'column' prayer rugs, although these should not be confused with an earlier group of' column' prayer rugs which fall into the 'Transylvanian cluster'; the latter were previously attributed to Ladik but are now thought to have been made further west in the Ushak region." - from Oriental Rugs Volume 4 - Turkish by K.Zipper & C.Fritzsche

3ft. 11in. x 6ft. 11in.
8ft. 7in. x 11ft. 0in.
3ft. 11in. x 6ft. 2in.
3ft. 11in. x 6ft. 4in.
7ft. 9in. x 10ft. 10in.
6ft. 9in. x 9ft. 9in.
8ft. 8in. x 11ft. 3in.
8ft. 5in. x 11ft. 5in.